How Does Memory Boost Compare?

There are plenty of so-called “brain pills” on the market. Many of them include ever increasing lists of ingredients that might look impressive, but there can be serious problems with this laundry-list approach. Without the scientific expertise to make sure you’re getting these ingredients at levels that are not only safe, but actually work, there’s a good chance these formulas won’t make much difference. Even worse, combining certain ingredients together can make them less effective because of the way they work together in the body. 

Our scientists designed Memory Boost differently. Memory Boost is backed by gold-standard scientific research. The memory-improving power of the key compound in this groundbreaking formula has been studied over the course of decades and in multiple clinical trials. Results have shown it to be not only safe, but also extremely effective on multiple aspects of human memory.*

Here’s how our formula stacks up against the competition. 


Comparisons based on 2017 competitive packaging claims.


The Research Behind Memory Boost

Our research scientists have worked for decades to uncover complexes that can improve cognition.

COGNITION [kog-nish-uh n]
  1. Relating to intellectual activity
  2. Remembering, thinking, reasoning

What we’ve discovered is exciting for everyone. Our research shows that a certain key ingredient can improve cognition, helping us remember new information better, speed up our learning rate, improve working memory, and even sharpen our focus.*

CognaGuard’s Memory Boost contains this amazing ingredient! This unique formula helps improve memory and maximize cognitive performance.


Explaining Memory Loss

The connections firing throughout our brains can begin to lose their spark. They grow more sluggish, and the number of working connections drops, which makes it harder for our brains — even healthy brains — to respond as quickly or remember things as easily as they used to.

Why does this happen? Because even though the human brain makes up only about 2% of our body weight, it is extremely metabolically active; it burns about 20% of the calories consumed by the body. That’s 10 times the expected rate based on weight. What’s even more remarkable is that the brain works this hard ALL THE TIME. Even when our muscles are completely relaxed, the brain still lights up in brain scans that measure metabolic activity.

This constant brain activity is critical to our thinking, but it results in the production of metabolic waste that can “gunk up” our brain’s connections. Luckily, our brains have preprogrammed “cleanup” systems to help protect them against this buildup. But aging, stress, and lack of sleep can all cause these systems to weaken.

This causes an imbalance that leads to metabolic buildup and can cause our brain connections to slow down or become completely broken. And it can seriously affect our ability to remember. In fact, almost 50% of adults aged 64 and over report difficulties with their memory.


So the real question is this:

Why is it that some people can remember things so well and think so much better than others as they age?

They just may have a stronger front line of defense when it comes to protecting their brain’s connections from metabolic damage. But there’s good news. Memory Boost’s key compound helps protect the brain. The key functional compound actually upregulates the very protectant pathways in the brain designed to keep it sharp. This means the compound uses the body’s own systems to improve the brain’s ability to shield itself from damage.*

Now you can strengthen your body’s natural defenses and help improve your memory in multiple ways with Memory Boost.*


Multiple Clinical Trials

Memory Boost contains a specialized compound that has been clinically substantiated in multiple clinical trials to significantly improve key markers of learning, cognition, and working memory performance.*

Extensive scientific research on this compound has assessed its memory-boosting effects, including meta-analyses of nine randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trials. In addition, each of these nine studies is published in peer-reviewed, scientific journals, including Psychopharmacology, Neuropsychopharmacology, and Phytotherapy Research.

This body of scientific research reproducibly demonstrates the ability of the key compound in Memory Boost to have a significantly positive effect on multiple aspects of memory and cognition: speed of attention, which is related to focus, speed of visual information processing, learning rate, memory consolidation, retention rate of new information, and working memory, as well as a reducing the rate at which study subjects forgot newly acquired information.*

In short, Memory Boost’s key compound has the clinically validated, research-backed power to improve multiple aspects of memory.

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